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Testimonials about William Meader’s Work

“William Meader has a special gift for eloquently articulating the Esoteric teachings in a way that touches your heart and resonates with your soul. He expresses himself in a way that blends the heart and mind together and brings things down to a practical level where you can apply them to your daily life. I highly recommend William’s talks and workshops.”

— Phoenix, Arizona

“William speaks with clarity and passion. His words connect the head and the heart. I came away from his presentation feeling excited and motivated for growth.”

–- Prescott, Arizona

“William is the most rounded out esoteric teacher I know. He has the capacity to go into a new group and take them into the subject matter quite quickly and deeply in an integrated way.”

— New Zealand

“William’s deep knowledge and experience in esoteric philosophy shows clearly in his teaching style. He is able to present complicated ideas in a simple and understandable way, and guide the listener to apply the information to their personal experience.”

–Seattle, Washington, USA

“William is a gifted teacher with extensive understanding coupled with the ability to simplify the subject matter without losing the essential message. His delivery is thankfully devoid of condescension or criticism, and he answers each question with insight and ease. I plan my yearly schedule around his Pittsburgh appearances.”

–- Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA

“His approach is gentle and inclusive. He weaves the magic of relaxation, curiosity and interaction within the group, creating an enriching field of openness and depth.”

–- London, England

“William is a dynamic and nurturing teacher. He is like a seasoned conductor, bringing out the best melody in everyone and synthesizing it into a beautiful composition – in a most joyous and uplifting way.”

–- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

“My own personal spiritual expansion has been aided greatly through the years by the teachings of William. His fluent and heart-filled sharing of esotericism has increased not only my understanding of these tremendous teachings but, perhaps more importantly, has increased my commitment to the life of spiritual study, meditation, and service. I joyfully owe him a debt of gratitude.”

–- Valley Grove, West Virginia, USA


“I am always in awe of his encompassment of each individual in the room and he weaves an energy in that space between us which appears to touch and alter subtly each one.”

— New Zealand

“He has a clarity in his teaching and presentation that I have not seen anywhere before. He has the capacity to go into a new group and take them from where they are into the subject material quite quickly and deeply in an integrated way”

–- New Zealand

“I gratefully acknowledge William Meader’s exemplary presence of humility, unconditional love and compassion, for giving total credibility to the Esoteric Philosophy.”

— Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“He shows up as an elegant, masterful synthesizer of wisdom teachings and personal reflection, in light of what’s relevant for us today—personally & collectively. I definitely gleaned insights & appreciated nuances from his perception & interpretive perspective. He somehow simplifies what is enormously complex – and too often will be delivered in obtuse ways—while upholding what is rich & deep & meaningful – while inspiring Soul nudged personal ‘next step’ change.

Really, I full heartedly encourage you to attend whatever you can!”

— Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA