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Third Initiation

Welcome to the
Emergent Light Blog

Sharing my passion and interest in the Esoteric Philosophy is a source of tremendous pleasure and personal satisfaction. Having the opportunity to meet directly with groups and live audiences, both in the United States and abroad, has been one of the richest and most treasured aspects of my work. As I continue to travel and teach, I am always exploring methods of communicating this philosophy in ways that have a vital and transforming effect upon those for whom it inwardly touches.

Over the last several years, my commitment to teaching and travel has curtailed my ability to share this philosophy through the written word. Yet to my absolute delight, I see this blog as a unique tool to begin teaching in written form once again. My approach will be to offer you a deep and meaningful understanding of the essential ideas espoused in the Esoteric Philosophy. Generally speaking, these postings will be “brief, but full.”

It is my heartfelt hope that you will find these writings to be informative and uplifting in your life.

William Meader

World of Being

  World of Being ~ Birthplace of Initiate Consciousness ~ The destiny of those who walk the spiritual path is to eventually achieve Initiate Consciousness. It is a state of awareness that arises when the soul and personality have been fused as one, and it opens the door to a new phase of spiritual development. For… Read More »World of Being

Transfiguration (Galway)

~ The Portal to Enlightenment ~ Transfiguration occurs when the soul takes full dominion over the personality (ego). It indicates that an individual has reached a point in his/her spiritual development when the tendencies of the lower nature have been fully subdued. No longer do the appetites of the flesh, emotional desires, or the ungoverned… Read More »Transfiguration (Galway)

The Third Initiation

The Third Initiation ~ Entrance into Initiate Life ~ The fusion of the soul and personality earns one the right to enter through the third initiatory gate. Occultly called the Transfiguration, this initiation is a significant milestone on the long journey toward enlightenment. It indicates that the mind is now free from the subtlety of… Read More »The Third Initiation