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Aquarius: The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science

19 Jan

Aquarius       ~ The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science ~ Aquarius is a sign long associated with progressive thinking, eccentricities and humanitarian awareness. As an air sign, it emphasizes the importance of the mind as an essential factor of human living. This first manifests as the mind of the individualistic and egocentric personality. […]

Leo: An Essential Companion

22 Jul

Leo ~ An Essential Companion ~ When we consider the emerging New Age, we normally think about it as it pertains to Aquarius.  Indeed, the forces arising from this Sign of the Water Bearer are believed to be the matrix from which human consciousness will evolve during the next two millennia.  Yet what is often […]

Aquarius: Visions from the Fringe

22 Jan

Aquarius ~ Visions from the Fringe ~ When considered from a spiritual perspective, Aquarius is the sign that envisions humanity’s future. It tries to shape into the matrix of human consciousness the capacity to sense the new paradigms on humanity’s horizon. Aquarius is therefore a great innovative and pioneering sign. Indeed, it is the zodiacal […]

Era of the Forerunner

13 Mar

Era of the Forerunner Humanity is in the midst of a great transition from one way of being to another. It is a passage rooted in our movement from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. Pisces represents the conditioning attitudes and perceptions of the past, while Aquarius heralds a new and progressive note in support […]

Aquarius – Conveyer of Universality

23 Jan

Aquarius ~ Conveyor of Universality ~ As a force that subtly shapes human consciousness, Aquarius brings the perception of humanity’s oneness to those most receptive to its influence. Commonly, this zodiacal force is believed to foster the development of group consciousness, which is most certainly true. Yet it is not only in the context of […]