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Shine Forth Study Questions

This booklet contains a variety of questions derived from Shine Forth: the Soul’s Magical Destiny. Increasingly, individuals and groups are using this book as a study text. The enclosed questions are therefore designed to help people contemplate the essential ideas offered in Shine Forth. These questions can also be used to facilitate group discussion.

Shine Forth is divided into three parts. In Part I several essential principles are presented. The purpose of this section is to acquaint the reader with important foundational ideas within the Esoteric Philosophy. Part II focuses on the creative processes of the soul as it magically expresses itself through the personality. This is the largest division of the book and is the centerpiece subject. Part III directs the reader to consider the creative processes of the Larger Life (God) as it seeks to express itself through all kingdoms of nature, particularly the human kingdom.

Shine Forth Study Questions Booklet