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Reviews of Shine Forth

“This book gave me so many answers to the big questions about life, purpose and self-realization. One of, if not THE most powerful spiritual/self-development book I’ve read.

I’ve been a part-time student of the esoteric philosophy for some years, but have struggled with the esoteric nature of the writings on the subject, and also found them difficult to apply to daily life. On the other hand, I found the somewhat nebulous teachings of ‘spiritually minded’ groups and leaders didn’t quite ring true. They sounded good, but they didn’t feel right.

Shine forth is a fantastic and practical introduction to the subject of personal evolution and development. Reading this book has given me a whole new perspective on life and living. I am an author too, and know the difficulty in translating abstract concepts into words that someone new to the subject can understand. William has done an amazing job in translating cosmos sized concepts into something that makes sense in our 21st century world.

I loved this book, and would recommend it to anyone looking for greater purpose and understanding of their place in life, and for anyone who is interested in esoteric philosophy but finds the original texts difficult to read or wants an easy-to-read and understandable introduction to the subject.”

— Paul Drayton (Fernandina Beach, FL)

“I heard William speak in Auckland, New Zealand. He is genuine and a very gifted speaker. The information he is bringing through is enlightening and far reaching. Shine Forth is spot on. He is in touch with the truth of things. There are countless volumes of writings on walking the spiritual path but this author it seems has been able to secure a direct line to the soul without all the filters. Stunningly accurate.”

— DH (New Zealand)

I am extremely thankful for the book, “Shine Forth.” It has helped me tremendously. I have read through it once and have started over again.

— Dr. Robert R. Spaulding (USA)

“For those who feel some “presence” in their own consciousness I would recommend the observations presented in this book. At this stage in civilization when we have the luxury to pursue knowledge and closeness to the meaning of our being with access to ever-increasing information. Meader’s explanation of a relationship between one’s soul and the contemporary personality is reasonable and gratifying. Just what are we trying to achieve? Ultimately the hope is integration at the deepest levels and his perspectives provide comfort and patience to this timeless quest.”

— Matthew Cross (Morgantown, WV USA)

“This is one of those rare and wonderful books you read little by little or all at once, then 2 or three times again. It’s that rich and enlightening. I found myself underlining almost every sentence, adding my own notes in the margins and spontaneous insights up around the edge of the pages. Mr. Meader has a way of “translating” esoteric wisdom so that anyone can follow it and adding concepts of his own that enhance and expand upon established precepts from the esoteric literature. I would start with this book and then advance to the Alice Bailey library. SHINE FORTH lays a foundation in such a forthright and comprehensive manner that it gives one the grounding needed to tackle the texts on Ageless Wisdom that often seem so difficult and unmanageable for the mainstream individual to read and interpret. Meader has done us all a great service, and I commend him for his magic”!

— Robyn Koondel (Phoenix, AZ USA)

“William Meader’s work is current and relevant, and yet based on an understanding of the literature in metaphysics for centuries. A beautiful book – I highly recommend it. If you get a chance to hear him speak, it is also a gift.”

— J. Ohlmann (Edmonds, WA USA)

“I have been a haphazard student of the ageless wisdom teachings, sometimes called the “perennial wisdom,” for over twenty years. My inconsistency was partially due to the difficulty of getting through the original texts and trying to apply it to my everyday life. When I heard William speak at a conference in New York and subsequently read his book I became completely re-inspired. His clarity, depth of wisdom and ability to put abstract ideas into understandable language was enough to motivate me to become a serious student. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone looking for a cosmological perspective that is inclusive, impersonal, and scientific.”

— Karen Johannsen (Seattle, WA USA)

“I feel as though much of what I’ve read over these past couple of years has settled in diverse areas of consciousness and I’m finding that your book is making more sense of all these different ideas and bringing them together into a coherence that was not there before. It’s been so good – thank you.”

— Jill Taylor (Nelson, New Zealand)