Shine Forth – The Soul’s Magical Destiny

Shine Forth: The Soul’s Magical Destiny is directed at deepening the understanding of the process of spiritual creativity and the recognition that the soul is the higher creative agent within each human being. Using metaphysical principles rooted in the Esoteric Tradition (also known as the Trans-Himalayan system of philosophic thought), the processes for elevating consciousness both individually, and collectively are emphasized. The collection of principles it presents has application to all domains of human expression including education, politics, science, and the arts, to name a few.

William Meader begins this book with, “Every human being is destined to become a spiritual magician.” From the first sentence the process of soul-directed spiritual creativity (magic) is unfolded. The art of spiritual creativity is really the magic of the soul. When the soul gives impulse to thought, it does so with the intention of creating an effect that is uplifting to the larger whole.

Broken into three sections, the first part of the book, The Foundation, provides a base of support for understanding the magical process. The Art and Science of Magic, the largest division of the book, is an in-depth examination of the processes used by the soul to creatively express itself through an individual’s outer personality. This not only provides the reader with an understanding of the magical process, but also the manner in which it is used more effectively in the creative life. The final section, The Larger Agenda, directs the reader to consider the creative processes of God as a facet of His creative intention manifesting through the human condition.

With the recognition that the soul, as the higher creative agency, can be  more effectively utilized in your creative life, we each can creatively Shine Forth and become creative magicians in support of the larger life.

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