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The Solarized Mind


Over the course of our many incarnations, an individual’s experience and learned wisdom is recorded and stored within the causal body and thus becomes available to the mind of the soul. In this way, the mind is transformed and “solarized” and one’s actions will increasingly be driven by the urge to serve the Greater Life.

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The Solarized Mind
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In this nine-part video series, you will learn about the Solar Angel and its influence in our personal lives. This includes discussion of the causal body (the vehicle used by the soul to express this guiding influence) and  how it is evolving over the course of many incarnations.  Included in “The Solarized Mind” is a presentation of the various states of consciousness that emerge at each step in the unfoldment of the causal body as it is utilized by the soul. The course facilitates a deeper understanding as to where you are on the path of evolution, and what soulful qualities are now seeking to be developed and expressed within your individual lives.

Estimated Viewing Length: 4 hours