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Awakening the Flaming Heart

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Within each of us is a beating heart that holds the power and light of ten thousand suns. This light has a power that extends far beyond the physical heart. As we awaken, nurture and sustain the flaming heart within, our capacity to sense, reveal and live the one-ness of love that underlies all creation expands. Sometimes called the Marriage in the Heavens, this union of heart and higher mind provides unimaginable power of transformation. Through a heart aflame, and with wisdom governing its direction, we become active participants in a world altering human revolution — the evolution of love. Join William and Heidi to deepen your understanding of the true nature and transformative power of love. We will use many tools — astrology, rayology, embodiment, and lecture — to transform our concept of love as not merely a sentimental feeling, or as compassion or selflessness, but as a great, universal, and impersonal sustaining current pulsing throughout our planet. Fuel your life’s journey by fueling the light of your heart, both individually and as Humanity. Join us as we gather for four potent days of exploration into how we may more fully live as the love we are.