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The Art of White Magic


Outwardly manifesting the wisdom and beauty of the soul’s intention is the true meaning of White Magic. This program explores the process of bringing soul-inspired ideas into the outer world.

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The Art of White Magic
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Creativity is fundamental when living the life of Spirit. When we are able to outwardly manifest the wisdom and beauty of the soul’s intention, we are actively involved in white magic. This will always have an uplifting effect in the outer world. In this program, explore the process of recognizing a soul inspired thought. Learn how to bring these soul-inspired ideas into the the mind and emotion without adding distortion. Begin to explore the purpose of creatively expressing your soul’s intention through:

  • Learning the steps of the magical process
  • Distinguishing a soul-inspired idea from those created by the personality
  • Identifying how the soul uses the power of intuition to creatively manifest.
  • Discovering how to bring the soul’s ideas into the mind (and the emotions) so as to successfully externalize them as an act of service.
  • Identifying how the personality can subtly distort the soul’s wisdom, as well as the means to counter this tendency.