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The Angelic Kingdom


Explore a deeper meaning and understanding of the Angelic Kingdom and how it is intimately connected to Mother Nature, your own consciousness and the manifestation of all being.

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The Angelic Kingdom
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In this public talk recorded in Ennis, Ireland,  William Meader presents a deep understanding of the the Angelic Kingdom (also referred to as deva kingdom) and its role in the manifestation of all of creation.

Collaborators in the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Angels are often thought of as beings of light that come to our aid when we need protection, comfort or inspiration.  They are, in reality, much more than that.  Using the language of symbol, color and sound, the Angelic Kingdom (sometimes called “deva”) facilitates the expansion of consciousness, leading each and every human being to an eventual state of enlightenment.  They are also intimately connected to Mother Nature. Deva represents the intelligence, design and beauty evident in all living things.  In this presentation William Meader explains the nature of the Angelic Kingdom and its influence in our lives and in Nature.  He will also describes how the angelic realm contributes to the development and evolution of human consciousness.