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Humanity’s Burning-Ground (Free Talk and Meditation)

Humanity's Burning-Ground

~ An Esoteric Perspective on the Global Crisis ~

It would be an understatement to say that humanity is in crisis. The pandemic now proliferating around the world continues to cause much pain and suffering to an enormous swath of the human family, and no one is exempt from its potential effects. Though we often see it as a crisis related to our physical survival, it is also true to say that it is an emotional, mental and spiritual crisis as well.

In my teaching work around the world, I have often spoken about this time in history as transitional for the human family. This is true when looked at astrologically, and also from a rayological perspective.  Historically, such major transitions are accompanied by what is often called the burning-ground. Metaphorically, it is as if humanity is collectively walking across a bed of hot coals. Normally when thinking about this painful transitional period, political, environmental, economic and social injustices are what have largely provided the kindling for this burning-ground. Yet it is now inescapably clear that a new type of fuel has been added to this fiery bed of coals, and it is microbial in nature.

Given the severity of this collective burning-ground, it is easy to recoil into a state of uncertainty, confusion and even despair.  This is quite understandable, and yet there is reason for optimism as well. For through this painful period we are also witnessing the growth and expression of our higher ideals. Indeed, it is through global crisis that the best of the human spirit becomes more visible to our eyes.  In truth, the outcome of this crisis can potentially lead humanity into a new and dawning era of global unity and Oneness.

This Webinar is approximately 50 minutes in length. Following this, I will lead us in a guided meditation designed to support the upliftment of humanity at this challenging time.