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Astrological Consult – Resource

nasa-solar-systemAstrological Consults are a popular service that William offers when he is in an area for public talks and workshops. We’ve included some general information here which may be helpful as you schedule and coordinate these consults.

  • Generally, appointments should be scheduled at 90 minute intervals. This will ensure that William has adequate time with the client,  to burn a CD of the session, make notes, and prepare for the next appointment.
  • When scheduling appointments, please ensure that you collect the clients: name, date, time and location of birth.  As much as possible, this information should be provided to William prior to his travel time to ensure that he has printed copies of the clients chart when he travels to your area.
  • A quiet location is important to ensure privacy and prevent interruption
  • Please provide William time (a minimum of half an hour, preferably one hour), for a lunch break.
  • For those individuals who might be unable to schedule time during his visit, William is able to offer astrological consults over the telephone. Please have interested individuals contact for scheduling.
  • A sample schedule and text for advertising astrological consults is available under the ‘Resources’ tab.