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About William

743If you are  new to hosting an event for William, we are sure you have lots of questions. Making arrangements for accommodations can be stressful, but here is some information about William which can make things a bit easier.

Travel: William typically makes his own travel arrangements. You should not need to allocate expenses for airfare or auto rental.

Accommodations: William prefers a ‘home stay’ to hotel accommodations and almost always stays with someone in the location connected with the organizers.

William is generally a very easy house guest.

Dietary: Likes coffee, follows a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, eats fish but not shellfish.  He avoids pickles, olives and capers. No food allergies. Enjoys occasional beer and wine.

  • Wi-fi/internet connection is extremely helpful. Please let him know ahead of time if wi-fi is not going to be available so that alternative arrangements can be made.
  • Having a bottle of water for him during talks and workshops is helpful