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Free Audio

Below are a number of free audio recordings presented by William Meader. Some of them are talks (or excerpts from talks) he has done for public audiences. Others are studio recordings specifically designed to give the listener a deeper understanding of a particular topic.

Creative Destiny of Soul (14 minutes)
Crisis as a Prelude to Change (4 minutes)
Atheism Step on the Path (3 minutes)
Purpose and the Spiritual Call (9 minutes)
Reasons for Societal Optimism (6 minutes)
Sexuality and Spirituality (30 minutes)
The Art of Becoming the Soul (11 Minutes)
The Art of Becoming the Soul – The Voice of Identity (13 Minutes)
The Art of Becoming the Soul – Keys to Recognizing the Soul (33 minutes)
Two Types of Selflessness (excerpt – 2 minutes)
We Are One (Public Talk – 48 minutes)
The New Group of World Servers (Public Talk – 42 minutes)