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Astrology Appointments – Florida


Astrological Readings

While in the Sarasota area, William will be offering esoterically interpreted astrological readings.  Called the Astrology of the Soul, this form of reading is designed to reveal the Soul’s purpose.  In addition, it indicates how the personality (ego) tends to inhibit the Soul, and reveals the means to overcome such tendencies.  Readings are one hour in length, and a recording is provided.  Appointments available upon request, and will be done at two locations in Sarasota.


Cost:  $150.00



Burlington House
1950 Burlington Avenue North

St Petersburg, FL   33713

Saturday,January 18
(9:45-10:45 and 11:00-noon)

To book and appointment, please contact:
Linda Woodward at


Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light
5041 Ringwood Meadow Bldg. G-2,
Sarasota, FL  34235
Telephone: 941-371-9333

Thursday, January 23
Friday, January 24

To book and appointment through the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light by clicking here.


Sarasota Center of Light  (Learning Center)
2770 Browning St.
Sarasota, Fl  34237

Monday, January 20
Wednesday, January 22

To book and appointment, please contact:

Tina Smith
Phone: 941-953-6620

To Schedule a Reading:

To setup an appointment with William, please use the contact information above.