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The Inner Ashram

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The Inner Ashram

Within each of us is a hidden yearning for home. Whether living in a mansion or a hovel, home is viewed as a place of retreat from the hectic pace and pressures of outer life. Though this perception is natural, it is nonetheless a view that arises from the personality, not the soul, for in the eyes of the soul the notion of home has nothing to do with an exterior place. Rather, it is a place located deep within the recesses of consciousness. Esoterically referred to as the Ashram, this inner home is the soul’s eternal abode.

Found upon the buddhic plane (plane of divine intuition), the Ashram is the source of the soul’s inspiration. From it, the soul senses its purpose and seeks to convey that purpose in service to the needs of humanity. Yet until one nears enlightenment, his or her sensitivity to the Ashram is only partial and fleeting. Indeed, the degree to which an individual is intuitively receptive to ashramic guidance is a measure of where s/he stands upon the Path.

In this webinar we will closely explore the nature of the Ashram, how it intuitively inspires different soul types (Rays), and the evolutionary stages that lead us into this eternal sanctuary deep within. We will also consider a variety of methods and techniques to assist us on this inward journey home.

Note: This pre-recorded webinar will also include a question-and-answer segment, followed by a guided meditation.

In addition to viewing the online video of this webinar, at the time of purchase you will be provided a link to a downloadable audio recording of this event.