The Spiritual Constitution of a Human Being

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A map of the spiritual constitution of the human being is the key to understanding the fundamental basis of esoteric philosophy, sometimes called the Ageless Wisdom Teaching. In this talk, William Meader describes the seven planes of consciousness, the three vehicles known as monad, soul, and personality, and the energetic relationship between them. In addition he will explain the role of the Antahkarana as the bridge in consciousness that links the higher self with the lower self.


1. The Three Structures of Identity

Length: 20 minutes

Topics covered in this course module include: The three structures of identity—the Periodical Vehicles The personality as form bound consciousness Incarnation and the formation of the threefold personality Evolution and…

2. Monad as Pure Beingness

Length: 15 minutes

Topics covered in this second course module include: The triple aspect of within each of the Periodical Vehicles The monad coming into consciousness view Monad as pure Beingness The paradoxical…

3. The Causal Body

Length: 18 minutes

Topics covered in this third course module include: Striving to touch and live from the Causal Body Planes (and subplanes) of consciousness as intelligent substance Evolution and the changing quality…