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The Solarized Mind

Solarized Mind
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This program is presented as a series of 9 modules comprising a full-day seminar presented by William Meader. Titled The Solarized Mind: The Soul and its Angelic Companion, this series provides a deep exploration into the nature of human consciousness, particularly as it relates to the mind of the soul (solarized mind), the causal body and the angelic entity that give substantial support to the development of higher consciousness.


1. Introduction

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Length: 32 minutes

In this program introduction, a broad overview is presented of the topics that will be covered in the following 9 sections of the complete series.

2. Recognizing the Solarized Mind

Length: 33 minutes

Part 2 presents a discussion designed to better understand the concept of the Solarized Mind, as well as ways to recognize it functioning within oneself. Includes link to download course handouts.

3. Human Constitution

Length: 27 minutes

Part 3 focuses on the ‘Human Constitution’ and its essential role in understanding the Causal Body and the Solar Angelic life that overshadows and supports it.

4. Angelic Kingdom

Length: 34 minutes

The emergence of the Angelic Kingdom within a cosmic context is explored in Part 4, as is how it interfaces with the Human Kingdom resulting in the manifestation of consciousness. Audience questions pertaining to the building of the Antahkarana, the evolution of our solar system and the Divine Feminine are addressed.

5. Solar and Lunar Angelic Lives

Length: 18 minutes

Part 5 highlights the differences between solar and lunar angelic lives. Questions regarding the manifestation of duality, the Will of the Logos (God) and the esoteric correlate to the biblical notion of the Fallen Angels are addressed.

6. Twelve Petals of the Causal Body

Length: 31 minutes

Part 6 offers a comprehensive look at the twelve petals of the Causal Body, and how each (when unfolded) adds to the quality of human consciousness. In addition, a variety of questions are addressed having to do with the length of time needed to fully open these petals, as well as the nature of time itself… as humanly perceived.

7. Synthesis Petals

Length: 26 minutes

An understanding of the Synthesis Petals is presented in Part 7, as well as their relationship to the changes in consciousness occurring between the Third and Fourth Initiations. Questions related to Kundalini, Akasha and the myth of Atlantis are also addressed.

8. Triadal Nature of the Solar Logos

Length: 22 minutes

Part 8 explores the triadal nature of the Solar Logos. The Physical Sun, Heart of the Sun and Central Spiritual Sun are each comprehensively discussed and their differences are contrasted.

9. Initiation

Length: 17 minutes

Part 9 describes initiation as both an expansion of consciousness and an assumption of more responsibility in service to humanity. The importance of shifting from absolute thinking to a relative and incremental thinking process is emphasized.