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The Solar Angel

Webinar The Solar Angel
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The Solar Angel

~ The Soul and its Spiritual Companion ~

For those who are consciously walking the Path, the search for the soul is a central feature on the journey toward enlightenment. To walk it well is to rightly sense the love and intelligence of the soul, then to dedicate oneself to living and expressing it through every aspect of life. Yet, it is often not realized that the soul has an eternal companion that escorts it every step of the way. Sometimes called the Solar Angel, this great being seeks to illuminate our thoughts with profound wisdom. In this way, human consciousness becomes solarized (light-filled).
In this webinar, William Meader will deeply consider the Solar Angel and its influence in our personal lives. By so doing, participants will discover how the mind becomes solarized due to this angelic presence. He will also discuss the intimate relationship between the Solar Angel and the GREATER LIFE that guides it.