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Seeds of the Future

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Seeds of the Future

~ Couriers of Spiritual Upliftment ~

Within each of us is found a treasure trove of wisdom, knowledge and loving insights acquired over countless incarnations. Stored within the Causal Body (the container of soul-consciousness), they represent the Seeds of the Future.  When the soul plants these seeds within the mind, they germinate into progressive thoughtforms in support of humanity’s evolution.  Essentially, they are the couriers of wisdom in service to a world in need, and are the promise of the future.
During this two-hour webinar, we will closely consider the Seeds of the Future, and how to more effectively recognize them as they take shape within our minds and hearts.  To do this we will explore the means by which the soul intuitively sows these seeds within our receptive minds.
We will also consider various methods of service, look for clues to the soul’s purpose, and explore the sacred principles that guide the soul in its urge to uplift.  Humanity is now in transition into a new and dawning age, and is walking the burning-ground to prove its readiness to do so.  In this regard, each of us has inner gifts and seeds of wisdom that can support this transition.  Indeed, it is in service to this that this webinar is based.

Note: This pre-recorded webinar will also include a question-and-answer segment, followed by a guided meditation.

In addition to viewing the online video of this webinar, at the time of purchase you will be provided a link to a downloadable audio recording of this event.