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~ The Cyclic Breath of Life ~

The evolution of human life is a journey leading to eventual perfection, and reincarnation is its means. Every incarnation is an attempt by the soul to breathe its livingness into form. In this way it gradually molds us into who we are today, as well as who we are destined to become. Over countless incarnations, the soul fashions its outer garment (the personality) to become a better servant through which to express its love and wisdom. By so doing, the soul gradually perfects its relationship with form and eventual enlightenment is then sure reward.

During this two-hour webinar, we will deeply consider the nature and process of reincarnation. We will also explore the question of one’s immortality, and how reincarnation leads us to participate in what is called the Eternal Now. The method used to transfer the soul’s acquired wisdom and experience from one incarnation to the next will also be highlighted.

When considering the reincarnation of the soul, karma is a topic that is deeply intertwined with the process. As such, this webinar will include insightful discussion on the nature of karma, its various types, and how it is activated, expressed and transformed within our lives.

Note: This pre-recorded webinar will also include a question-and-answer segment, followed by a guided meditation.

In addition to viewing the online video of this webinar, at the time of purchase you will be provided a link to a downloadable audio recording of this event.