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The Flaming Heart Webinar

Flaming Heart
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The Flaming Heart

Love is the energy that governs the human soul and its expression. When the heart is filled with love, and wisdom governs its direction, one’s capacity to serve the larger whole increases greatly. Love is rooted in our ability to sense the oneness underlying all things. Yet the heart is something that evolves over time, becoming more Christ-like as one nears enlightenment. The challenge is to rise above sentimentality and to realize that the heart’s highest expression is also the most impersonal.

In this webinar, we will closely examine the nature and evolution of love when walking the spiritual path. We will explore how soulful love varies according to the Ray of the Soul, as well as the importance of fusing the love of the heart with the mind of the soul—the true marriage in the heavens. We will also consider the quality of love as it evolves through other kingdoms of nature, such as the mineral, plant and animal domains.

Various challenges that arise when awakening the human heart will also be deeply considered in this webinar, such as love’s evolutionary relationship to sex and mystical yearning, the interplay between love and desire, and the problems that can arise due to the over stimulation of the heart chakra.

Note: This pre-recorded webinar will also include a question-and-answer segment, followed by a guided meditation.

In addition to viewing the online video of this webinar, at the time of purchase you will be provided a link to a downloadable audio recording of this event.