Death: An Interlude between Two Activities

Death: An Interlude between Two Activities
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These 22 video modules are from a two-day workshop presented by William Meader. Entitled Death: An Interlude between Two Activities, the series provides a deep exploration into the mystery of death as understood within the Esoteric Philosophy.


1. Introduction

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Length: 22 minutes

In this introduction, a broad overview is presented of the topics that will be thoroughly covered in the 22 modules of this program series.

2. Three World Views

Length: 21 minutes

Three world views pertaining to the understanding death are explored. They are the materialistic view, conditional immortality view and the reincarnation perspective. In addition, this module discusses reincarnation as it…

3. Experiences of Death

Length: 24 minutes

The experience of death is discussed as it varies from person to person. The importance of meditation is also presented, particularly as it provides a means to realize the difference…

4. Reincarnation

Length: 22 minutes

In this module, the subject of reincarnation is deeply examined. The Law of Opportunity and its relationship to rebirth is presented as an incremental means to enlightenment. Belief in reincarnation…

5. The Mystery of Life

Length: 20 minutes

The emphasis of this module is to better understand death by exploring the remarkable mystery of Life. Because of the limitations of human consciousness, life is not something that can…

7. Life-Quality-Appearance

Length: 31 minutes

This module begins as a continuation of the previous question and answer session. Following this, William continues his presentation having to do with Life-Quality-Appearance (found in Part 5).

8. Karma

Length: 34 minutes

This module addresses the subject of karma, both individually and collectively considered. Various types of karma, such as family karma, national karma, and racial karma are highlighted. The physics of…

9. Karma and Death

Length: 21 minutes

This module begins with a continuation on the subject of karma and its relationship to death occurring by war, as well as how to view war within a spiritual context.…

10. Antahkarana

Length: 34 minutes

In the context of death, William discusses the nature of the Antahkarana. The two threads that compose it are presented, as well as their withdrawal at the time of death.…

11. Meditation Module

Length: 18 minutes

William begins this module by listing the topics to be presented during the remainder of the seminar. He then leads a group meditation designed to facilitate alignment with the soul…

12. Summary Review

Length: 24 minutes

This module begins with an overview of key points previously presented, as well as a variety of new esoteric principles/ideas regarding death. Also included is a group discussion (questions and…

13. Further Aspects of Reincarnation

Length: 30 minutes

In this module, William begins by explaining how the number of human beings incarnating seems to be increasing over time, and how can this be reconciled with the principle of…

14. Sacredness of the Mind and Heart

Length: 19 minutes

This module begins by addressing the fact that many people are esotericists (occultists) without knowing it. William then continues by discussing the sacredness of the mind and the heart as…

15. Devachan: The “Rest in Heaven”

Length: 24 minutes

This module focuses on the so-called “rest in heaven” experienced at the time of death. In the esoteric literature this is called Devachan, and is experienced on the mental plane.…

16. Nature of the Soul

Length: 23 minutes

This module begins with attention to the nature of the soul in its predictive capacity. William then discusses the importance of experientialy detaching from the threefold personality (mental, emotional and…

17. The Process of Death

Length: 27 minutes

In this module, the death process is beginning to be discussed. The three chakras most associated with the departure of the soul are presented, and which of them are likely…

18. Sequence of the Death Process

Length: 28 minutes

The sequence of the death process is presented, beginning with the creation of a “psychic tremor”. William further elaborates on the orifice(s) of exit and the normally rapid dissipation of…

19. Continued Discussion of the Death Process

Length: 17 minutes

This module begins as a continuation on the subject of the death process, and directs attention upon the soul’s preparation for returning to incarnated life. William then transitions to an…

20. Preparing for the Death Experience

Length: 22 minutes

In this module, a variety of methods and techniques are given that help prepare one for the death experience. Concentration, meditation and visualization are presented as a means to assist…

21. Helping Others as They Approach Death

Length: 24 minutes

The focus of this module is on how to wisely help people as they approach their death. The emphasis is particularly directed toward those who are present and/or attending to…

22. Esoteric View of Cremation

Length: 20 minutes

Presented in this module is an esoteric view of the practice of cremation. Also discussed is the pervasive existence of disease within the human kingdom, and how much of it…