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The Art of White Magic

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This program is presented as a series of 15 modules comprising a day-long workshop as presented by William Meader. Titled The Art of White Magic, this series provides a deep exploration into the nature of the creative processes of the soul. This video workshop is based on the study of the fifteen Rules of White Magic, as convey in the book entitled A Treatise on White Magic, by Alice Bailey.


1. White Magic (Rules 1 and 2)

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Length: 22 minutes

In this first module, William discusses the nature of the soul’s creative process. Rules 1 and 2 are read and discussed with an understanding that every human soul is destined to be a magical (creative) agent on behalf of humanity’s betterment.

2. White Magic (Rule 3)

Length: 23 minutes

This module focuses on the emergence of creative thoughtforms as they arise from the soul’s intuitive gaze. Included is a deep discussion pertaining to the intelligent nature of mental, emotional, and physical substance. Includes link to course handouts.

4. White Magic (Rule 4 and 5)

Length: 19 minutes

In this module, the blending of sound, light, vibration and form is presented in order to help the viewer understand the means to deliver one’s creative ideations into the outer world. The danger and necessity of adding emotion to these ideations are also discussed.

5. White Magic (Rule 6)

Length: 30 minutes

The focus of this module is directed to the nature of devic and elemental lives, as well as the role of the Third Eye in the magical process.

7. White Magic (Rule 7)

Length: 17 minutes

In this module, William examines the two roles of emotion within the magical process, as well as the challenges associated with adding emotion to the soul’s creative thoughtform. This module also addresses the dangers of adding water to the thoughtform and has reference to a later rule—Rule 9.

8. White Magic (Rule 8)

Length: 16 minutes

This module focuses on the “place where land and water meet” deep within. Also discussed is the importance of understanding the dynamic nature of the etheric body and its relationship to the central region of the head.

9. White Magic (Rule 9)

Length: 5 minutes

In this module, the dangers of adding emotion to one’s soul inspired thoughtform are further discussed.

10. White Magic (Rule 10)

Length: 22 minutes

This module addresses the subject of angelic (devic) life, and their role as co-creative agents in support of the magician’s work.

11. White Magic (Rule 11)

Length: 15 minutes

This module pertains to the formulas and mystical phrases needed to rightly contain a thoughtform and properly deliver it as a function of service.

12. White Magic (Rule 12)

Length: 16 minutes

The nature of the etheric body is closely examined in this module. The importance of developing sensitivity to its ebb and flow, and the cyclic tendencies of the etheric field, are deeply discussed.

13. White Magic (Rule 13)

Length: 16 minutes

The etheric subplanes are closely examined, as well how they represent anchor points for the seven chakras. Using the magician’s chakras as a means to sense the energy within the field is also presented and discussed.

14. White Magic (Rule 14)

Length: 25 minutes

This module is dedicated to understanding the regressive power of old ideas, and how they can be obstacles to the magician’s creative agenda. Counter measures are presented as an antidote.