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The Angelic Kingdom

The Angelic Kingdom
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When most of us hear the word “angels,” we tend to think of beings of light that come to our aid when we need protection, comfort, or inspiration. They are, in reality, much more than that. Using the language of symbol, color, and sound, the Angelic Kingdom (sometimes called “deva”) facilitates the expansion of consciousness, leading each and every human being to an eventual state of enlightenment. They are also intimately connected to Mother Nature. Deva represent the intelligence, design, and beauty evident in all living things. In this presentation, William Meader examines the nature of the Angelic Kingdom and its influence in our lives and in Nature. He also shows how the angelic realm contributes to the development and evolution of human consciousness.


1. Cosmic Father and Mother

Length: 32 minutes

Session topics include:

  • The one living principle….the One Life
  • Hylozoism – the One becomes the many
  • The emergence of the Angelic Kingdom
  • The dual forces that lead to the birth of soul
  • The manifestation of consciousness within all kingdoms of nature, and beyond

2. The Solar Angel

Length: 31 minutes

Session Topics Include:

  • The coming of the solar angels and the mythology of the Garden of Eden
  • The Solar Angel as it facilitates individualization and the development of wisdom
  • The Awakening—the inward discovery of the overshadowing Solar Angel
  • The guardian angel as the protective nature of the Solar Angel
  • The transformation of the Dweller on the Threshold
  • The angelic domain as it is recognized through attributes