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Pisces – The Second and Sixth Rays

15 Feb

Pisces    ~ The Second and Sixth Rays ~ Pisces has often been associated with emotional sensitivity, dreaminess, and intuitive capacity.  As the representative of the receding astrological age, it has been a dominating force for the last two millennia. Because of this, Pisces has had an enormous influence on humanity as a whole. For […]

Seventh Ray: The Keeper of the Magical Word

14 Mar

Seventh Ray – The Keeper of the Magical Word – Bringing heaven to earth is the fundamental urge evoked by the Seventh Ray. As the governing energy underlying the physical plane, this beam of light inclines us to ground the love and wisdom we inwardly sense. Because of this, the Seventh Ray has been closely […]

Sixth Ray: The Devotee of Life

07 Mar

Sixth Ray – The Devotee of Life – As a major shaping force in human consciousness, devotion to all that is sacred is the essential effect of this Ray. With an accompanying sense of sacrifice and submission, the sixth ray inclines the human heart to demonstrate reverence to that which is deemed good, true and […]