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Soul Purpose

03 Sep

The Soul’s Purpose ~ Attending to the Trend of Thought ~ When an individual begins to consciously recognize the inner promptings of the soul, a sense of spiritual purpose will likewise begin to germinate within the mind.  In the early stages, this is experienced as a growing conviction that one’s life must be rooted in […]

Light within the Head

15 Apr

Light within the Head The subject of light is frequently used to describe various aspects of spiritual awareness.  For example, we often refer to the light of love, the light of wisdom or the light of purpose.  However, there is a type of spiritual light not often discussed, even though it is perhaps the most […]

The Solarized Mind

04 Jul

The Solarized Mind There are those who believe that the mind is an obstacle when walking the Path. They proclaim that the mind is the “slayer of the real” and that it must be put aside so that the soul can be more fully realized and lived. Such beliefs assume that the rational tendencies of […]

Revelatory Light

05 Jun

Revelatory Light ~ The Soul’s Perceptual Gift ~ There are many aspects of soul consciousness that are easily recognized within our day-to-day lives. Such things as the inner experience of loving wisdom, sensing the underlying unitive field, and the urge to selflessly serve, indicate that the soul is shaping our perceptions.  Yet one of the […]

The Glove

06 Feb

The Glove Prior to stepping onto the spiritual path, human evolution is uniquely designed to cultivate the personality—the ego. Indeed, for much of one’s incarnational history the development and integration of the personality has been the driving evolutionary force. Yet once an individual begins to awaken to the soul residing within, that which was the […]

The Law of Attraction: A Governing Law of the Soul

06 Oct

The Law of Attraction ~ A Governing Law of the Soul ~ Over the course of countless incarnations, the personality will dominate human consciousness.  It psychologically emphasizes a separative perspective in life and, due to its influence, the lower-ego arises.  One’s individuality becomes dearly prized, and a sense of his or her uniqueness looms large […]

Reincarnation: A Process of Reiteration

05 Aug

Reincarnation ~ A Process of Reiteration ~ The evolutionary goal of the soul is to express itself through its outer garment, the personality, and to do so with increasing effectiveness.  The soul seeks to slowly influence the nature of the mind so as to generate thoughtforms that have uplifting value to others; it desires to […]

Law of Economy

06 May

Law of Economy ~ Developing the Unencumbered Personality ~ The Esoteric Philosophy is founded upon a number of spiritual laws and principles, and each provides us with a deeper understanding of the road to enlightenment. Some of them are closely related to the evolution of the monad, some to soul, while others govern the development […]

The Eye of Vision

08 Apr

The Eye of Vision While walking the spiritual path, an individual will begin to recognize that the nature of his or her vision is slowly changing. It is important to realize, however, that we are not referring to the sightedness conveyed by our physical eyes. Instead, it is the soul’s vision that is being addressed […]

The Decentralized Self

01 Apr

The Decentralized Self One of the main objectives of Life, as it evolves through the human kingdom, is something called individualization. As a step beyond the instinctual consciousness cultivated when living within the animal domain, the goal of human life is the emergence of individualized consciousness and self-awareness. We slowly learn to become introspective and, […]