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Law of Repulse

04 May

Law of Repulse The spiritual path is governed by a variety of spiritual laws and principles.  Such things as the Law of Synthesis, the Principle of Right Relationship, and the Law of Love are just a few of the many precepts that guide the evolution of the soul and its destined service to humanity.  Yet […]

The Principle of Mission

07 Dec

The Principle of Mission Central to living a spiritual life is the question of one’s purpose and soulful destiny. It is a yearning for understanding that naturally arises once an individual has inwardly discovered the soul and its higher promptings. Every human being has a spiritual purpose to ultimately fulfill, for the soul within each […]

The Law of Attraction: A Governing Law of the Soul

06 Oct

The Law of Attraction ~ A Governing Law of the Soul ~ Over the course of countless incarnations, the personality will dominate human consciousness.  It psychologically emphasizes a separative perspective in life and, due to its influence, the lower-ego arises.  One’s individuality becomes dearly prized, and a sense of his or her uniqueness looms large […]

Cancer – Governed by Principle of Foundations

20 Jun

Cancer ~ Governed by the Principle of Foundations ~ As the first of the water signs, Cancer has a particular influence upon an individual’s emotions.  Traditionally, it is believed to heighten one’s emotional sensitivity, as well as to awaken the sense of nurturing love within the human heart.  The esoteric philosophy would likewise agree.  Yet […]

Law of Economy

06 May

Law of Economy ~ Developing the Unencumbered Personality ~ The Esoteric Philosophy is founded upon a number of spiritual laws and principles, and each provides us with a deeper understanding of the road to enlightenment. Some of them are closely related to the evolution of the monad, some to soul, while others govern the development […]

The Creative Principle

25 Mar

The Creative Principle Every human being is destined to be a creative agent in service to the Greater Life. As viewed within the Ageless Wisdom, this is considered an inescapable truth. Such a statement is not, however, a platitude related to the development of the personality. Rather, we are referring to the soul and its […]

Principle of Fusion

13 Nov

Principle of Fusion When one consciously steps upon the Path, the Principle of Fusion becomes increasingly operative in life. To commit oneself to the spiritual journey suggests that the aspirant is starting to awaken to his or her internal duality. By this is meant that such an individual is beginning to sense, deep within, a […]

The Principle of Goodwill

25 Sep
Chimp and baby white tiger

Principle of Goodwill In every country and corner of the globe, distrust and conflict seems to be the order of the day. Each generation wishes that their children will live in a more peaceful and joyous world, yet, as a consequence of the crises we collectively face, such hope seems to be fading as well. […]

The Principle of Sharing

11 Sep

Principle of Sharing Though there are many spiritual laws and principles foundational to the emerging Aquarian Age, there is none more essential than the Principle of Sharing. Given the nature and scope of the crises humanity now faces, it is not difficult to see why this spiritual axiom plays such a pivotal role in our […]