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The Glove

06 Feb

The Glove Prior to stepping onto the spiritual path, human evolution is uniquely designed to cultivate the personality—the ego. Indeed, for much of one’s incarnational history the development and integration of the personality has been the driving evolutionary force. Yet once an individual begins to awaken to the soul residing within, that which was the […]

Law of Economy

06 May

Law of Economy ~ Developing the Unencumbered Personality ~ The Esoteric Philosophy is founded upon a number of spiritual laws and principles, and each provides us with a deeper understanding of the road to enlightenment. Some of them are closely related to the evolution of the monad, some to soul, while others govern the development […]

Spiritual Alchemy

06 Mar
White Magic

Spiritual Alchemy Alchemy has long been understood as the forerunner to modern day chemistry. Originally it was founded on the belief that through chemical and mystical processes various substances could be transmuted into precious metals—such as lead into silver or gold. Yet, when we consider this alchemical premise from an esoteric perspective, it becomes clear […]

Milestones to Enlightenment

20 Nov

Milestones to Enlightenment – An Introduction to Spiritual Initiation – Spanning countless lives, the journey to enlightenment is certainly slow and incremental. Yet there comes a moment (in some particular incarnation) when the soul is sensed for the first time. Having occurred, an individual’s growth and development will forever be changed. The soul is consciously […]

Integrated Personality – The Soul’s Reluctant Servant

06 Dec

Integrated Personality – The Soul’s Reluctant Servant – From an esoteric perspective, the personality is viewed as the outer garment of the incarnated soul. Composed of mental, emotional and physical features, its spiritual purpose is to act as an instrument through which the soul can express its creative urge. Indeed, the degree to which the […]