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Reincarnation: A Process of Reiteration

05 Aug

Reincarnation ~ A Process of Reiteration ~ The evolutionary goal of the soul is to express itself through its outer garment, the personality, and to do so with increasing effectiveness.  The soul seeks to slowly influence the nature of the mind so as to generate thoughtforms that have uplifting value to others; it desires to […]


16 Oct
death of a flame

Death ~ A Perceptual Inversion ~ Of the many enigmas of human existence, the mystery of death reigns supreme. For some, it is a topic that invokes fear, while for others it is viewed with a sense of joyous anticipation. To unravel this mystery, we must first consider the occult axiom known as the Principle […]

The One Life

09 Oct
Unity water drop

The One Life ~ An Assurance of Immortality ~ In the ancient Esoteric Philosophy the whole of Creation is understood as the out-pictured existence of a single living force—a Cosmic Being. For some this hidden presence is referred to as God while, for others, Brahman, Allah or Universal Intelligence are titles often bestowed. Call it […]