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Maya: A Force to be Overcome

07 Nov

Maya ~ A Force to be Overcome ~ Within the Hindu philosophy, maya is a term that is synonymous with “illusion.”  Essentially, it is believed that the phenomenal universe that we see and know is illusory, and is therefore a manifestation of maya.  It is also believed that beyond this universal maya is found Reality—an […]

Libra – Harmonization as the Prelude to Fusion

22 Sep

Libra ~ Harmonization as the Prelude to Fusion ~ Libra has long been associated with the Principle of Harmony.  It tries to condition human consciousness with a desire to reconcile and harmonize a variety of dualities playing out within the human experience.  This is true whether we are considering the dualities pertaining to the individual […]

Virgo: In Search of Good Form

21 Aug
virgo constellation

Virgo ~ In Search of Good Form ~ As one of the earth signs, Virgo is intimately related to form.  Having long association with meticulousness, discriminative thought and tidiness, it is a sign that tends to imbue human consciousness with an urge to organize form. More precisely, Virgo cultivates within human consciousness a proclivity to […]

Leo: An Essential Companion

22 Jul

Leo ~ An Essential Companion ~ When we consider the emerging New Age, we normally think about it as it pertains to Aquarius.  Indeed, the forces arising from this Sign of the Water Bearer are believed to be the matrix from which human consciousness will evolve during the next two millennia.  Yet what is often […]

Cancer – Governed by Principle of Foundations

20 Jun

Cancer ~ Governed by the Principle of Foundations ~ As the first of the water signs, Cancer has a particular influence upon an individual’s emotions.  Traditionally, it is believed to heighten one’s emotional sensitivity, as well as to awaken the sense of nurturing love within the human heart.  The esoteric philosophy would likewise agree.  Yet […]

Taurus: The Revelation of Light

21 Apr

Taurus ~ The Revelation of Light ~ Taurus is the zodiacal force that facilitates the molding and fashioning of forms.  It conveys to its recipient an intuitive vision of the light hidden within form (mental, emotional or physical), as well as the insight necessary to give it tangible expression. By so doing, this light becomes […]