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Aquarius: The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science

19 Jan

Aquarius       ~ The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science ~ Aquarius is a sign long associated with progressive thinking, eccentricities and humanitarian awareness. As an air sign, it emphasizes the importance of the mind as an essential factor of human living. This first manifests as the mind of the individualistic and egocentric personality. […]

Scorpio – The Fourth Ray

21 Oct

Scorpio ~ The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict ~ After an awakening to the soul deep within, the Sign of Scorpio has profound relevance in an individual’s life.  Indeed, all who are walking the Path are subject to the influence of this powerful sign.  This is true whether or not Scorpio is emphasized in […]

Virgo: The Second and Sixth Rays

21 Aug

Virgo ~ The Second and Sixth Rays ~ As one of the Earth signs of the zodiac, Virgo has long been associated with grounded living and practical endeavor. People with Virgo accented within their natal charts will typically be attentive to detail, favor a work before play attitude, and will demonstrate clear and rational thinking. […]

The American Solar Eclipse

08 Aug

The American Solar Eclipse ~ A Signpost of Spiritual Importance ~ As many of you know, on August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse will take place and be visible to most people living in North America. It is a rather rare event. The last time such a heavenly display occurred in the United States was […]

Cancer – Third and Seventh Rays

19 Jun

Cancer ~ The Third and Seventh Rays ~ When we consider the Cancerian individual, attributes such as nurturing, emotional sensitivity and protectiveness typically come to mind. Indeed, Cancer has long been associated with the more heartfelt and sentient qualities of human nature. Though there is some truth to these Cancerian traits, underlying them are two […]