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02 Feb

Astro-Rayology ~ An Adventure in Self-Discovery ~ It has been said that the purpose of life is to introspectively find oneself. Indeed, the ancient Greek aphorism to “know thyself” is profoundly true and holds the key to spiritual living. Though there are many methods of self-discovery available to the serious seeker, the Ageless Wisdom places […]

The Path of Purification

17 Mar

The Path of Purification The spiritual path contains within it a great divide. It is a division that marks the transition from spiritual living based exclusively on faith, to a type of awareness governed by experiential recognition of the soul. During the long sojourn of the soul over countless lives, there comes a particular incarnation […]

Stepping Into The Dark

17 Mar

Stepping Into The Dark To walk the occult path is often a journey filled with uncertainty. In some sense, it is a choice akin to traveling in the darkness of night. Sometimes its difficult to live a life where one is committed to the Hierarchy, while at the same time feeling ambivalent regarding what to […]


17 Mar

Upliftment As is well known in esoteric circles, service is the hallmark of activity as the influence of Aquarius gradually impinges on the consciousness of humanity. To give of oneself in selfless service is merely the result of the promptings of the soul as it increasingly takes dominion of its lower reflection, the personality. Yet, […]

Dreams: As Revealer and Deceiver

16 Mar

Dreams – As Revealer and Deceiver – The subject of dreams has captured human imagination for aeons of time. For long humanity has sought the significance of dreams, believing such nightly images to be keys that reveal the deeper meaning of life, both from a psychological and spiritual perspective. In recent years much effort and […]

The Awakening

29 Nov

The Awakening Humanity is on the verge of unprecedented crisis and change. In every country there is a rising tide of fear as we witness our economic and social institutions seemingly fail. To many people, the world predicament feels hauntingly ominous and even insurmountable. Yet, it must be realized that this is not a crisis […]

The Eye of Vision

16 Jun

The Eye of Vision As human beings, vision is considered the most vital of the five senses. The ability to see is so much a part of the human experience, that to lose it would be a devastating blow to most of us. Indeed, when people are asked which of the five senses they would […]