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Welcome to the
Emergent Light Blog

Sharing my passion and interest in the Esoteric Philosophy is a source of tremendous pleasure and personal satisfaction. Having the opportunity to meet directly with groups and live audiences, both in the United States and abroad, has been one of the richest and most treasured aspects of my work. As I continue to travel and teach, I am always exploring methods of communicating this philosophy in ways that have a vital and transforming effect upon those for whom it inwardly touches.

Over the last several years, my commitment to teaching and travel has curtailed my ability to share this philosophy through the written word. Yet to my absolute delight, I see this blog as a unique tool to begin teaching in written form once again. My approach will be to offer you a deep and meaningful understanding of the essential ideas espoused in the Esoteric Philosophy. Generally speaking, these postings will be “brief, but full.”

It is my heartfelt hope that you will find these writings to be informative and uplifting in your life.

William Meader

The Evolution of Unity

The Evolution of Unity Beyond all that we see lay a hidden unity, and our ability to sense it determines the evolution of consciousness. This is a foundational principle within the Perennial Philosophy. It states that the universe is the expression of a living singularity—One Life manifesting through form. Viewed from a Western perspective, the… Read More »The Evolution of Unity

The Saving Force

The Saving Force As we look at the current state of the world, it can easily feel like civilization is coming to an end. All around us we see suffering, pain and strife. Racial, ethnic and national divisions are globally inflamed, and separateness seems to be the order of the day. Seeing this, it is… Read More »The Saving Force

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design ~ An Esoteric Perspective ~ Did the universe appear through random events, or is it the product of a vast intelligence? This question has triggered debate among scholars, philosophers and theologians for countless centuries. In contemporary society, science and religion seem to hold these opposite perspectives, and the debate between them rages on.… Read More »Intelligent Design

In the Image of God: You Are the Divinity You Seek

In the Image of God – You Are the Divinity You Seek – The search for God is central to most world religions. Whether called God, Allah, Brahman or Universal Intelligence, the yearning to feel the presence of a greater being is innate within human consciousness. Regardless of cultural, racial and religious biases, the desire… Read More »In the Image of God: You Are the Divinity You Seek