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The Dance of Life Itself

17 Mar

The Dance of Life Itself Evolution represents a drama of unfolding potential. This is true whether we are discussing the evolution of a blade of grass, an animal living within the wild, or a human being. All categories of life are states of consciousness evolving through form toward some higher state of existence. Indeed, evolution […]

The Evolution of Unity

17 Mar

The Evolution of Unity Beyond all that we see lay a hidden unity, and our ability to sense it determines the evolution of consciousness. This is a foundational principle within the Perennial Philosophy. It states that the universe is the expression of a living singularity—One Life manifesting through form. Viewed from a Western perspective, the […]

The Saving Force

17 Mar

The Saving Force As we look at the current state of the world, it can easily feel like civilization is coming to an end. All around us we see suffering, pain and strife. Racial, ethnic and national divisions are globally inflamed, and separateness seems to be the order of the day. Seeing this, it is […]

The Seven Rays of Divine Manifestation

17 Mar

The Seven Rays of Divine Manifestation Who am I? Strangely, this powerful question is one that seems difficult to fully answer. It is a question that is asked by each of us (consciously or unconsciously) every day of our lives. Indeed, it is not an exaggeration to say that all aspects of life are arenas […]

Intelligent Design

17 Mar

Intelligent Design ~ An Esoteric Perspective ~ Did the universe appear through random events, or is it the product of a vast intelligence? This question has triggered debate among scholars, philosophers and theologians for countless centuries. In contemporary society, science and religion seem to hold these opposite perspectives, and the debate between them rages on. […]

Creation: The One Becomes the Many

17 Mar

Creation – The One Becomes the Many – Religion and philosophy have come forth in response to the mystery of existence and the search for deeper meaning in life. Indeed, the yearning to understand our relationship to the larger whole is the foundation upon which religion and philosophy have been built. For many religions, particularly […]

Light: The Agent of Revelation

01 Dec

Light – The Agent of Revelation – Light is known by what it reveals. When considered from the spiritual perspective, this is a truism of great importance. The revelatory power of light is central to nearly all world religions. The phrase light of God is commonly echoed in the many churches, synagogues and mosques around the world. […]