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Meritocracy: The Progeny of Democracy

14 Jul

Meritocracy ~ The Progeny of Democracy ~ Democracy is the fastest growing political system in the world today.  When considering the last few decades, the spread of democratic values has been astounding. Throughout the world, people are rising to the note of freedom. Indeed, the yearning to participate in community and governmental decisions has reached […]

The Sonata of the Master Musician

17 Mar

The Sonata of the Master Musician Sound gives birth to all that is. It is the power behind existence itself, and the universe is merely its outer effect. At first glance this may seem a strange notion. Yet, within Christian theology we are told that creation came forth in response to the “Word.” In the […]

The Soul of Humanity Emerges

17 Mar

The Soul of Humanity Emerges When looking at the current state of the world, it may seem that humanity is on a downward slope heading for disaster. Whether we consider the escalating crisis occurring in the Middle East, widespread famine in Africa or the destruction of the Brazilian rainforest, humanity seems to be at the […]

Science – The Sword that Divides

17 Mar

Science ~ The Sword that Divides ~ Without science, humanity’s spiritual transformation is impossible. Science is the institution within society that sharpens our understanding of reality. Through science, humanity gradually learns to see the world with eyes that are no longer prone to distorted perception. Whether speaking of an individual or humanity as a whole, […]

The Soul of Business

17 Mar

The Soul of Business Business is an expression of divinity. Given the fact that much criticism can be directed toward the business world, such a statement may seem reckless, even blasphemous. Yet, when business is understood within an esoteric framework, its sacredness becomes clear. Business is a living organism, and because of this, its hallowed […]

The Tragedy in Connecticut

16 Mar

The Tragedy in Connecticut As we learn more and more about the painful tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, it is hard to fathom how such a horrifying event could transpire. Such profound disregard for the sanctity of human life leaves all of us engulfed by feelings of utter shock, bewilderment and disbelief. On the heels of […]