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Géminis: La Construcción del Antakarana

29 Sep

Géminis ~ La Construcción del Antakarana ~ Como todos sabemos, Géminis es el signo astrológico asociado con la comunicación. Ya sea que se considere el uso del teléfono, televisión o internet, esta fuerza sodiacal soporta y govierna todas las formas de telecomunicación. De hecho, hasta los procesos de dialecto verbal entre dos presonas es arraigado […]

Meritocracy: The Progeny of Democracy

14 Jul

Meritocracy ~ The Progeny of Democracy ~ Democracy is the fastest growing political system in the world today.  When considering the last few decades, the spread of democratic values has been astounding. Throughout the world, people are rising to the note of freedom. Indeed, the yearning to participate in community and governmental decisions has reached […]

The Soul of Humanity

15 Feb

The Soul of Humanity ~ An Emerging Influence in the World ~ Within the Esoteric Philosophy, the soul is understood in a variety of ways. It has been defined as a layer of human consciousness imbued with selfless love. It is also understood as the repository of wisdom garnered over countless lives. Essentially, soul represents […]


02 Feb

Astro-Rayology ~ An Adventure in Self-Discovery ~ It has been said that the purpose of life is to introspectively find oneself. Indeed, the ancient Greek aphorism to “know thyself” is profoundly true and holds the key to spiritual living. Though there are many methods of self-discovery available to the serious seeker, the Ageless Wisdom places […]

The Dance of Life Itself

17 Mar

The Dance of Life Itself Evolution represents a drama of unfolding potential. This is true whether we are discussing the evolution of a blade of grass, an animal living within the wild, or a human being. All categories of life are states of consciousness evolving through form toward some higher state of existence. Indeed, evolution […]

The Evolution of Consciousness – Two Merge as One

17 Mar

The Evolution of Consciousness – Two Merge as One – When we consider the nature of human evolution, we typically consider it in physical terms. We usually think about it as it pertains to the changes occurring to the physical form over vast periods of time. According to science, natural selection and adaptation to the […]

The Evolution of Unity

17 Mar

The Evolution of Unity Beyond all that we see lay a hidden unity, and our ability to sense it determines the evolution of consciousness. This is a foundational principle within the Perennial Philosophy. It states that the universe is the expression of a living singularity—One Life manifesting through form. Viewed from a Western perspective, the […]

The New Group of World Servers

17 Mar

The New Group of World Servers Service is the hallmark of the Age of Aquarius. As humanity moves into this new and dawning era, service is understood more broadly than it has been in the past. No longer is it exclusively directed to giving assistance to those most in need. Instead, service is understood as […]

The Human Kingdom – Life Discovers Itself

17 Mar
The Soul Discovers Itself

The Human Kingdom  ~ Life Discovers Itself ~ I Am!  No other assertion is as revealing of human existence as this. Such words represent the true mantram of human experience, for it is in the human kingdom that evolving life first develops the capacity to know itself. The evolutionary journey is vast, lasting countless millions […]