The Human Kingdom – Life Discovers Itself

17 Mar
The Soul Discovers Itself

The Human Kingdom  ~ Life Discovers Itself ~ I Am!  No other assertion is as revealing of human existence as this. Such words represent the true mantram of human experience, for it is in the human kingdom that evolving life first develops the capacity to know itself. The evolutionary journey is vast, lasting countless millions […]

The Animal Kingdom – A Legacy Still Inwardly Sensed

17 Mar

The Animal Kingdom  ~ A Legacy Still Inwardly Sensed ~ All life evolves, and does so through categories of form. This is an idea central to the esoteric understanding of Creation. The miraculous achievements of the mind have emerged only because the foundation of human consciousness was built long ago, when life was lived within […]

The Mineral World – Our Forgotten Ancestry

17 Mar

The Mineral World  ~ Our Forgotten Ancestry ~ For more than a century, learned scientists have informed us that humanity emerged from the animal kingdom through the processes of evolution. Though some differences do exist, the Esoteric Philosophy is generally in agreement with this notion. However, esotericism goes on to say that our animal relatives […]

The Plant Kingdom – The Root of Mystical Yearning

17 Mar

The Plant Kingdom  ~ The Root of Mystical Yearning ~ Life manifests as form. When looking at creation, there is perhaps no idea more fundamental than this. As we look out at the world we see that living forms abound. Yet do we really consider the splendor of this fact, and the evolutionary necessity that […]

The Spiritual Kingdom – The Prodigal Son Comes Home

17 Mar

The Spiritual Kingdom – The Prodigal Son Comes Home – Entrance into the spiritual kingdom is a triumphant moment in the soul’s long evolutionary journey. For aeons, the spirit struggles to evolve through the four lower kingdoms in nature (mineral, plant, animal and human). When it finally arrives in the human kingdom, life begins its […]