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The Seven Rays – Overview and Origin

The Seven Rays

~ Overview and Origin ~

It is no understatement to say that the Seven Rays are foundational to the entirety of Creation. Indeed, within the Esoteric Philosophy it is believed that these seven streams of Divine Life condition all that we see and know. Each is understood as sacred, and each is a unique quality of consciousness arising from the Beingness of the One Life (Divinity).

When considering human life, the Seven Rays create the marvelous variability in the way we individually pattern our thoughts, the areas of interest we uniquely have, and the emotional and physical behaviors we demonstrate within our day-to-day lives. Beyond this, these divine emanations also underpin the consciousness of nations, the social systems that govern human civilization, as well as the energies that animate entire kingdoms of nature.  As such, the study of the Seven Rays assists us to not only better understand ourselves, but also the larger living systems within which we live.

Below is a link to a video excerpt from a workshop I did entitled, The Turning Point. The emphasis of this particular workshop was on humanity’s transition from a Sixth to Seven Ray Age. In this short video clip I am providing the participants with an overview of these two rays and their cosmic origin. I hope you enjoy it.

YouTube Video Excerpt

Note:  If you would like to read an article that provides an overview of each of the Seven Rays, please click here.

William Meader