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Light within the Head

Light within the Head

The subject of light is frequently used to describe various aspects of spiritual awareness.  For example, we often refer to the light of love, the light of wisdom or the light of purpose.  However, there is a type of spiritual light not often discussed, even though it is perhaps the most telling when it comes to understanding the spiritual journey.  For when a person begins to awaken to the wisdom of the soul, a light is ignited deep within the center of the head and begins to shine forth.

It is important to realize that the emergence of this light is a phenomenon occurring within the etheric field that interpenetrates the human brain.  As such, it isn’t a physical experience, but something far subtler.  When an individual consciously awakens to the promptings of the soul, this light within the head likewise awakens.  Faint it is at first.  Just as the newly awakened disciple tends to experience the soul in a fluttering manner, so too does this inner light flicker.   However, as more fusion between the soul and personality occurs this sacred light stabilizes, becoming increasingly brilliant the closer one comes to the gate of enlightenment.  Indeed, its measure of radiance directly correlates to where one stands upon the Path of Evolution.

The light within the head acts as an outpost through which the soul anchors and expresses its loving guidance within the human mind.  It supports the downflow of the soul’s wisdom, and likewise facilitates the gradual opening of the third eye.  Essentially, it functions as a spiritual conduit through which the soul can project its loving purpose into the outer world and, by so doing, renders service in support of humanity’s betterment.  And when this lighted lamp blazes fully, enlightenment is surely at hand.  This becomes evident when we consider the halo images of enlightened saints depicted in Christian iconography. In truth, a halo simply represents the fully radiant glow of this sacred light beaming forth from deep within the head.

William Meader

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