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Capricorn – First, Third, and Seventh Rays


~ The First, Third, and Seventh Rays ~

Capricorn is a sign that has long been associated with ambition, determination, and a sense of social responsibility.  As an earth sign, it facilitates a grounded approach to life, and the belief that success is earned through applied effort.  Capricorn guides the personality in support of ego enhancement, power, and prestige.  Once an individual is consciously walking the Path, however, worldly ambition then slowly gives way to genuine spiritual achievement.  Underlying Capricorn are three sacred energies that serve as the matrix of evolutionary development within this sign.  They are the first, third and seventh rays.

The first ray is most associated with the energy of will.  When living from a strictly personality perspective, it manifests as willful determination toward personal success and social recognition.  However, when on the path of discipleship, the first ray reveals itself as the will to achieve on behalf of the soul and in service to humanity.  It is also the ray that makes it possible for the Capricornian to inwardly climb the Mount of Spirit and eventually reach the initiatory opportunities conferred at its summit.

The third ray is the energy of intelligent activity, and it too influences both the soul and personality.  When animating the lower-self, it inclines the Capricornian to apply the mind toward intelligent strategies in support of the personality’s ambition.  In this regard, the power to selfishly manipulate circumstance is also heightened by this rayological influence.  Yet, when the soul utilizes the third ray, it imbues the Capricornian with the mental insights needed to rightly express intelligent activities that are both uplifting to others and efficiently applied.

As the energy that governs the physical plane, the seventh ray is closely associated with grounded application.  This is true whether considering the proclivities of the Capricornian personality or soul.  Within the consciousness of the personality, it is the ray that gives material evidence of success in the manifestation of one’s worldly ambitions.  Yet to the soul it is the energy that defines and shapes well-organized patterns of spiritual service.  Essentially, the seventh ray grounds the soul’s efforts in useful and concrete ways and by so doing transforms the Capricornian into the practical mystic.

William Meader

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