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The Heresy of Separateness

The Heresy of Separateness

The evolution of human consciousness is the matrix underlying the spiritual path.  Indeed, where one stands upon the Path reflects the stage of consciousness that he or she has reached.  Prior to discovering the soul residing deep within (the awakening), the nature of human consciousness is largely governed by the egocentric personality and its separative orientation to life.  Yet when the awakening occurs, the soul begins to participate in the shaping of an individual’s perception.  This marks a major milestone in human evolution.  A more holistic perspective begins to subtly influence consciousness.  It is a transition away from the heresy of separateness into the field of unitive awareness.

At this time in history, the Soul of Humanity is awakening from its historic slumber.  As a result, the principle of unity is struggling to find expression in the outer world of human affairs.  Essentially, we live in a time when humanity is trying to grapple with the need to see ourselves as one.  This is evidenced, for example, in the growth of humanitarian efforts worldwide; in the emergence of the United Nations as a multinational agency supporting humanity’s oneness while honoring cultural diversity; and in our desire to unify the world in response to the global threat of environmental degradation.

Paralleling our growing urge to collectively unite, the heresy of separateness is likewise on the rise. Herein is found the foundation of humanity’s current polarization.  As the unitive impulse of the Soul of Humanity sounds its note, the attitude of separateness is likewise sounding its fearful response.  Globally, we see the heresy of separateness in the refugee crisis currently plaguing Europe; we see it in the upsurge of social and political sectarianism; and we witness it in the rise of nationalism and racial divisions around the world.  Essentially, each of these separative tendencies is regressive and backward looking. They tend to support the past at the expense of a hopeful future.

Yet the rise in separative thinking should not be viewed with surprise.  For always when greater Light seeks to penetrate into human consciousness, there will inevitably be a counter reaction by the forces of the past.  It is quite true that, at this time, the heresy of separateness is gaining a foothold around the world.  Even so, when we consider the evolution of human consciousness, it is always darkest before the dawning hour.  Given this, spiritual optimism is still well advised.

William Meader

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