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Leo – First and Fifth Rays

Constellation Leo


~ The First and Fifth Rays ~ 

When we consider the influence of Leo, we normally associate it with such things as strength, generosity and a tendency to love the limelight. As a broad generalization, Leo is often viewed as a more extraverted sign, and as one of the fire signs it holds much power. Yet, underlying these typical traits are two sacred energies that form the matrix of consciousness for those who have Leo strongly accented in their charts—they are the first and fifth rays.

It is not surprising to find that the First Ray of Will is foundational to the sign of Leo. In addition to accounting for the courage often associated with the Leo individual, in this sign the first ray manifests as the will to be. Essentially, underpinning the consciousness of the Leo individual is an inner search to find him/herself. When an individual has not yet stepped onto the Path, this psychological urge consolidates the lower ego—the personality. Yet when the Leo individual has awoken to the soul, deep within, it is then the higher ego (soul) that serves as the centerpiece of self-realization.

Though the fifth ray is often called the Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science, another name given to it is The Dividing Sword. When considering the life of the Leo individual, it is this title that is most fitting to use. The psychological effect of the fifth ray helps to clarify that which is true from that which only seems to be true. It is the force that divides truth from pseudo truth, wisdom from knowledge and love from desire. And in Leo, it is the ray that helps the individual clearly discern the authentic Self (soul) from the artificial self (personality).

William Meader

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