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Revelatory Light

Revelatory Light

~ The Soul’s Perceptual Gift ~

There are many aspects of soul consciousness that are easily recognized within our day-to-day lives. Such things as the inner experience of loving wisdom, sensing the underlying unitive field, and the urge to selflessly serve, indicate that the soul is shaping our perceptions.  Yet one of the most powerful perceptual gifts of the soul is its ability to awaken our minds to the realization of revelatory light.

Light is known by what it reveals. This is an occult platitude of enormous importance. When considering physical light, for example, this notion can be easily recognized. For when we look at a tree, it is the light reflecting off it that engages the eye. As such, the tree is revealed to us through the agency of light.  However, this notion is not only applicable to physical light, but to a wide variety of subtler lights as well. The light of love, the light of beauty and the light of idealism (to name just a few) are also revelatory in their nature. They each give to us a deeper understanding of reality and the soulful truths that underpin human life.

Just as physical light is delivered by way of the human eye, so too is an organ of perception needed in order to sense the soul’s revelations. Sometimes called the Eye of Vision (third eye), this organ of subtle sight gives one a deeper understanding of spiritual truth, and an ability to convey it in service to others.  Invariably, the revelatory light conveyed by the soul transcends the considerations of the personality.  Instead, it sheds light on the spiritual dimension of life, and our intimacy with the Great Life. Such is the nature of the soul’s revelatory light.

William Meader

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