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Cancer – Third and Seventh Rays


~ The Third and Seventh Rays ~

When we consider the Cancerian individual, attributes such as nurturing, emotional sensitivity and protectiveness typically come to mind. Indeed, Cancer has long been associated with the more heartfelt and sentient qualities of human nature. Though there is some truth to these Cancerian traits, underlying them are two energies foundational to this sacred sign—the Third Ray of Active Intelligence, and the Seventh Ray of Form.

As a transmitter of active intelligence (third ray), Cancer is the zodiacal sign that facilitates the transformation of instinct into intuition, and does so through the agency of mind.  Both animal and human instinct are governed by this Ray, and yet it is also this rayological influence that utilizes intelligence to render the mind receptive to the higher rendition of instinct—divine intuition.

When we consider Cancer and its relationship with the Seventh Ray, we see that it has much to do with the grounding of Life into form. Indeed, the sign of Cancer is where the Principle of Foundations arises as a developmental focus of life.  Illustratively, Cancer is associated with the mother and the home, both of which are foundational to human life. The Seventh Ray is also the most foundational ray because it governs the seventh plane—the physical. Due to its influence, therefore, incarnation is facilitated and human life takes physical form.

William Meader

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