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Law of Repulse

Law of Repulse

The spiritual path is governed by a variety of spiritual laws and principles.  Such things as the Law of Synthesis, the Principle of Right Relationship, and the Law of Love are just a few of the many precepts that guide the evolution of the soul and its destined service to humanity.  Yet as we continue on the long road to enlightenment another sacred law becomes increasingly operative.  Called the Law of Repulse, it is a quality of consciousness that must eventually become fully integrated within the life of the disciple.  

At first glance, the word “repulse” is not normally associated with spiritual living.  Quite the contrary, it is often viewed as antithetical to the soul’s proclivity to attract and unite.  As an overarching truth, the soul is indeed an attractive agency.  However, the unity sought by the soul must be rightly understood and discerned.  Though it inwardly senses the essential oneness of all things, it is also keenly aware of those aspects of consciousness (within the personality) that are inconsistent with the inner unity that it supports.  Here is where the Law of Repulse is wielded by the soul.  For it must repel any dimension of human consciousness that is out of alignment with the unity it inwardly knows to be true.

The Law of Repulse is therefore a great dispersing energy.  It emerges as a quality of consciousness (used by the soul) that rejects anything inconsistent with the evolution of life toward greater wholeness.  Whether we are considering the wayward force of desire, unwholesome patterns of thought, or the selfish impulses that still subtly hold sway, these are inhibiting patterns of consciousness that must be transformed.  It is therefore not surprising that the Law of Repulse is considered a sub-law of the Law of Attraction.  Through its wise use, the soul repels that which is incongruent to higher love, but does so as a prerequisite to greater love and unity.  In this way it highlights those aspects of the personality still in need of further transformation prior to being integrated into the soul.

William Meader

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