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Gemini – The Second Ray of Wisdom


~ The Second Ray of Wisdom ~

As one of the air signs, Gemini is most associated with mental versatility, changeability, and an acute awareness of duality.  Due to it being a mutable sign, the energy of Gemini cultivates a tendency toward rapid activity, either in the outer life and/or in the dynamics of the mind.  Yet behind these traditional associations is a deeper and more fundamental energy underlying this constellation.  For Gemini is cosmically rooted in the Second Ray, the Ray of Wisdom. 

Behind the active and variable nature of Gemini is the vibration of love and wisdom.  Though normally considered a mental sign, on a subtler level it is the zodiacal force most associated with the synthesizing of love and mind, the result of which is wisdom itself.  For wisdom is ever a state of consciousness founded on the blending of love and intelligence.  When on the Path, this energy slowly conditions the Gemini individual with the capacity to think with the heart, and to feel with the mind.

Because this ray is therefore rooted in the number two, it is also the energy that governs the pairs of opposites throughout the zodiac, and does so while simultaneously preserving their magnetic interplay.  When on the Path, for example, the consciousness of the Leo individual will preserve his or her individuality (a key principle in Leo), while simultaneously integrating a sense of universality as conveyed by its opposite sign—Aquarius.  Indeed, the interplay between all of the opposing signs of the zodiac is governed by the energy of Gemini.  It is therefore not surprising that Gemini has sometimes been called the “constellation of the resolution of duality into a fluid synthesis.”

William Meader

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