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The Etheric Sheath

The Etheric Sheath

~ The Soul of the Physical Body ~

Subtly surrounding and penetrating the physical body is a sheath of living substance.  Often called the etheric body, it represents the energetic scaffolding upon which the physical body is built. It also plays a significant role in support of the body’s health and well-being. Composed of countless filaments (nadis) of vital substance, it underlies every nerve, vein and artery within the physical body. Essentially, it constitutes the human chakra system. Yet, whilst this etheric sheath is often understood as a key factor in the healing arts, it serves another purpose as well, for it acts as the agent of the human soul, deep within.  Given this, it is not surprising that it has sometimes been called the soul of the physical body.

The human soul itself is located on the higher mental plane, and it uses the etheric body in an intimate and creative manner. Fundamentally, the etheric body serves as the transmitting agent through which the human soul lovingly and creatively expresses its wisdom. In truth, every soul-inspired thought must be vitalized by the etheric body, and this as a prerequisite to being consciously registered within the human brain and heart.

Spiritual evolution is rooted in the notion that the soul needs a healthy and well-coordinated etheric sheath through which to express its love and wisdom to a world in need.  Indeed, this is one of the measures that determine where one stands on the Path. When the alignment between the soul and the etheric body is finally purified and perfected, enlightenment is sure reward. The light of the soul then beautifully irradiates the etheric sheath, and the fullness of the halo effect makes its debut.

William Meader

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