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The Apex of the Mind

The Apex of the Mind

Meditation is an important discipline to be cultivated when walking the Path. It is a practice that supports one’s spiritual development in many ways. Whether considering it as a means to recognize the soul deep within; a method that assists us in sensing the underlying oneness of the human family; or as a spiritual practice that promotes the soul’s intention, meditation is indispensable. Yet when it comes to using meditation as a force of creative insight, discernment and right utilization of the Apex of the Mind are essential.

When in meditation, people will often attempt to place themselves into a negative state of receptivity. Allowing oneself to be in such a state is certainly important, for it can invoke the downflow of intuitive insight from the soul.  This is well and good. Yet it is not the entirety of consciousness that must be held in this way. It is wiser to allow only the highest and subtlest point, meditatively reached, to be negatively open and receptive. This is the summit point reached in the meditative process and is sometimes referred to as the Apex of the Mind.

From a creative point of view, effective meditation requires that several aspects of awareness be held in a state of positivity, while simultaneously the Apex of the Mind remains negatively receptive. Essentially, both the mental and emotional bodies of the personality need to be held positively. By so doing, the mental and emotional distractions of the lower-self are then held at bay.  This makes it possible for right reception of the soul’s intuitive guidance without the distorting effects of the personality. When the personality of the meditator is positively held in a condition of non-permissibility of distraction, the Apex of the Mind can more easily receive the soul’s intuitive guidance.

William Meader

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