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The Burning Ground

The Burning Ground

Humanity has entered into a period of crisis that is truly unprecedented. In virtually every nation, the social, political and economic institutions that govern and regulate human affairs seem to be in crisis and, in some cases, teetering on collapse. Given the enormity of the problems we face, feelings of gloom and fear can easily arise within us. Yet, it must be realized that this period of global crisis does not foretell of a dire future.  Instead, it is the antechamber to a new and dawning era. Humanity is now walking across the burning ground which, if managed wisely, can lead us to an era of unity and oneness.

Whether we consider the evolution of an individual, or of humanity as a whole, our growth is governed by periods of crisis followed by stabilization and harmony. As such, the crisis phase of the cycle should not be viewed with dismay, for it is a factor built into the nature of human evolution itself. Crisis creates the tension needed to liberate life into a higher way of being. The loftier way of life we seek is always earned through tension and its subsequent resolution. The burning ground is therefore the forerunner to opportunity, not its obstacle.

Because the crises we face are global, the solution must rest upon our belief and conviction that humanity is one. This notion is essential when walking the burning ground. Yet it is not just that we are one in kind, for we are also one in essence. Deep within the recesses of the human mind and heart is a unified field of consciousness. It is an interior place where we are fused as one living soul, the Soul of Humanity. If this fundamental truth can underpin the steps we take, then the capacity to successfully traverse the burning ground is assured.

William Meader

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