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The Law of Attraction: A Governing Law of the Soul

The Law of Attraction

~ A Governing Law of the Soul ~

Over the course of countless incarnations, the personality will dominate human consciousness.  It psychologically emphasizes a separative perspective in life and, due to its influence, the lower-ego arises.  One’s individuality becomes dearly prized, and a sense of his or her uniqueness looms large within the mind.  Yet when an individual awakens to the promptings of the soul, a counteracting influence starts to have sway—the Law of Attraction.  This sacred force has a shaping effect upon one’s perceptions, and is the governing law of the soul itself.

As an individual begins to be influenced by the Law of Attraction, he or she starts to realize that there is a unitive field underlying the vast diversity we see in the outer world.  A growing sense of interconnectedness and group awareness takes shape within the mind, and the accent on “me” begins to give way to the principle of “we.”  Within the heart, a differentiation between higher and lower love also becomes more recognizable.  Indeed, when the Law of Attraction is expressed by the soul (without personality distortion) the type of love that arises is broadly inclusive and comparatively impersonal.

When the Law of Attraction is rightly invoked, soulful affiliations are recognized, and circumstances will seem to conspire in support of one’s spiritual purpose.  The synchronicities of life are no longer viewed as random, but instead offer meaning and direction.  Needless to say, this sacred law plays an enormous role in the life of every true spiritual worker, particularly as we enter the Aquarian Age with its emphasis on humanity’s essential oneness.

William Meader

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